Temperature sensor DMIB-MF

The BBL temperature sensor DMIB-MF is suitable for precisely measuring and controlling mass temperature in internal rubber mixers. This sensor is extremely robust and therefore perfectly suited for rubber/tire industry mixing applications. The sensor model with a connection head of form B is standardly equipped with a flange dia 100 (permanently attached).


  • BBL measuring tip made of high-quality hardened steel
  • Fitting Ø 22 h7, threat M22
  • Flange permanently attached (standard model)
  • Standardly equipped with Pt100 (4 wire, class B)
  • Incl. reaction protocol (measuring curve, response time)
Measurement method Pt100, 4 wire, Class B (class A upon request)
Measuring current 0.3 – 1 mA
Mass temperature ≤ 300 °C
Weight 2.3 kg
Country of origin Germany / European Union
Connection Connection head (form B) with terminal wire ceramic block (standard)
Connector plug LEMO 1S (upon request)
Equipment (optional) Assembled connection cables (PVC, Silicon, HELU, VA)HELU, VA)

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