Fixed depth temperature sensor RFU

The BBL temperature sensor RFU is suitable for precisely measuring and controlling mass temperature during plastic or rubber extrusion. Its unique construction with a 10°-angled measuring tip equipped with a Pt100 or thermocouple sensor enables excellent measuring results – without any losses in stability. Moreover, the RFU can be configurated according to customer specifications (insertion depth, stem length, measuring method). Extrusion plants of leading manufacturers are standardly equipped with the temperature sensor RFU.


  • Mass temperature sensor for extruders with 1/2-20UNF-2A mounting threat
  • Tip length (insertion depth) and stem length eligible
  • Elongation of sensor (stem) possible (see custom-made sensors)
  • Available with Pt100 (standard) or thermocouple
Mounting threat 1/2-20UNF-2A
Measurement method Pt100, 4 wires, class B (class A upon request)
Double Pt100, 6 wires, class B (class A upon request)
Thermocouple [TC] Fe-CuNi type J, 2 wires
Measuring current (Pt100) 0.3 – 1 mA
Max. temperature ≤ 400 °C
Insertion depth (see drawing) 0-35 mm (Industry standard: 10 or 15 mm)
Stem length (see drawing) 122 mm, 152 mm (standard), or 180 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Country of origin Germany / European Union
Connection Connector plug LEMO 1S (standard)
Right-angle plug LEMO 1S (custom-made)
Equipment (optional) Cable connector LEMO 1S
Assembled connection cables (PVC, Silicon, HELU, VA)
Reaction protocol (measuring curve, response time)

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