Customized sensors

The possibilities for customization of our sensors are just as diverse as the production sites of our customers. We are happy to design and manufacture sensors according to your specifications, quick and simple.

Extruder temperature sensors

For customization of extruder sensors (RFU, RF, PW1/2, PW18) we only need the required stem length (L), insertion depth (A), and the measuring method.

The following modifications are technically possible:

RFU: stem length (L): ≤ 610 mm, Insertion depth (A): 0-35 mm
RF: stem length (L): ≤ 400 mm, Insertion depth (A): 0-60 mm
PW1/2: stem length (L): ≤ 400 mm, Insertion depth (A): 30 mm (45 mm)
PW18: stem length (L): ≤ 400 mm, Insertion depth (A): 60 mm

Mixer temperature sensors

For existing mixer applications, we develop and manufacture customized temperature sensors in well-proven BBL quality. You will be surprised how robust and reliable a temperature sensor can be. Using CAD-Engineering we routinely provide a model/drawing in advance.

We offer our customers:

  • Fast exchange for existing/worn sensors
  • Manufacturing according to customer specifications
  • Measuring tip made of high-grade hardening steel for long life periods

Flexible choice of connection (connection heads, connectors, cables)


Please contact us for quotes, data sheets, and additional information!