Variable depth temperature sensor PW1/2

The BBL temperature sensor PW1/2 is suitable for precisely measuring and controlling mass temperature during plastic or rubber extrusion. Its adjustable insertion depth allows spatial determination of mass temperature within the mass current. The PW has a complex construction with high-quality components especially suited for high force and high temp applications. This results in excellent measuring results without any losses in stability. BBL is the original manufacturer of this well-proven and globally used temperature sensor.


  • Mass temperature sensor for extruders with 1/2-20UNF-2A mounting threat
  • Variable/adjustable insertion depth
  • Elongation of sensor (stem) possible (see custom-made sensors)
  • Standardly equipped with Pt100 (4 wire, class B)
Mounting threat 1/2-20UNF-2A
Measurement method Pt100, 4 wires, class B (class A upon request)
Double Pt100, 6 wires, class B (class A upon request)
Thermocouple [TC] Fe-CuNi type J, 2 wires
Measuring current (Pt100) 0.3 – 1 mA
Max. temperature ≤ 400 °C
Insertion depth (see drawing) 0-30 mm
Stem length (see drawing) 152 mm (customization upon request)
Weight 0.3 kg
Country of origin Germany / European Union
Connection Connector plug LEMO 1S
Right-angle plug LEMO 1S (custom-made)
Equipment (optional) Cable connector LEMO 1S
Assembled connection cables (PVC, Silicon, HELU, VA)
Reaction protocol (measuring curve, response time)

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